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Updated 21 June 2017
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Welcome to the Sandwich Concert Band The   Sandwich   Concert   Band   was   formed   in   2011   from   members   of the     former     Pfizer     Wind     Orchestra;     a     group     which     ceased performing   following   the   announcement   earlier   that   year   by   Pfizer to close their facility at Sandwich. The   Band   is   a   community   organisation   constituted   through   Making Music     and    welcomes    young    and    not-so-young    players    of    wind, brass   and   percussion   instruments   without   audition,   but   nonetheless striving    to    perform    at    a    high    standard.        Our    Concert    Band musicians   are   at   least   Grade   5   standard   and   comprise   a   number   of music     teachers     and     former     professional     musicians.          Less experienced     players     perform     with     the     Training     Band     which encourages   and   develops   those   playing   at   approximately   Grades   1 or   2   upwards.   If   you   are   interested   in   joining   either   group,   please see the Recruitment  section. During   the   year   the   Band   perform   at   around   4   or   5   concerts   or events,   including   bandstands   and   outdoor   concerts   in   the   summer and   a   festive   concert   at   Christmas.      The   music   is   diverse   and chosen   to   suit   the   occasion   but   will   include   a   mix   of   marches, classical   transcriptions,   music   from   films   and   shows   as   well   as good   symphonic   band   music.      Programmes   often   include   music that features sections from the Band or individuals in solo numbers. The   Sandwich   Concert   Band   is   also   able   to   provide   smaller   wind ensembles   for   local   functions   and   events.      If   you   are   interested   in having   the   full   band   or   an   ensemble   perform   at   your   event,   please Contact  us.
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