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The responsibility for the musical output rests largely with the two conductors:
Kate’s    interest    in    music    began    with    clarinet    lessons    whilst    at    primary    school    in Northamptonshire,   where   she   later   played   in   local   wind   bands   and   the   Kettering   Symphony Orchestra.      She   was   also   involved   in   music   education,   working   for   the   Northamptonshire Music   Schools.      Since   moving   to   Kent,   Kate   has   played   with   several   local   wind   bands   and has   been   involved   in   a   number   of   chamber   groups   performing   at   local   venues   including   the Gulbenkian   and   Marlowe   theatres   in   Canterbury.         Kate   also   teaches   clarinet,   piano   and music   theory   to   both   children   and   adults.      She   recently   completed   her   BMus   (Hons)   at Canterbury    Christ    Church    University,    studying    clarinet    with    world-renowned    clarinettist, David Campbell; and conducting and orchestration with Dr Paul Edlin.
Simon   began   learning   the   flute   from   age   8   and   shortly   after   joined   his   local   town   band   where he   moved   up   through   the   sections   to   eventually   become   assistant   conductor.      He   was   13 when    he    first    conducted    in    a    concert    and    then    began    taking    on    more    responsibility; conducting   the   band   for   rehearsals   and   summer   fete   engagements.      Simon   then   read Chemistry   at   Liverpool   University   and   successfully   auditioned   to   conduct   the   University   Wind Orchestra   for   two   years,   which   included   a   concert   in   the   Metropolitan   Cathedral.      He   then spent   a   year   in   Harlow,   Essex   where   he   joined   Harlow   Town   Band   playing   on   a   first   flute desk   and   conducting   the   band   in   warm-ups   and   sectional   rehearsals.      In   2003,   along   with Jules   Prosser,   he   co-founded   the   Pfizer   Wind   Orchestra   and   continued   with   them   when   they reformed as the Sandwich Concert Band.   Simon   has   attended   several   conducting   courses   including   the   international   Canford   Summer   School   of   Music   where he   received   tuition   from   wind   band   experts   and   conductors   Tim   Reynish   and   Mark   Heron   and   was   selected   to conduct   the   Symphonic   Wind   Band   in   the   end-of-course   concert.      He   was   also   successful   in   gaining   a   place   on   a short conducting course held at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.
Simon Gayton - Previous Conductor, Concert Band Simon Gayton - Previous Conductor, Concert Band Kate Robinson - Conductor, Training Band Kate Robinson - Conductor, Training Band
Simon Gayton - Conductor, Concert Band until 2011
Kate Robinson - Conductor, Training Band
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In   January   2012   Simon   relocated   to   Yorkshire   to   take   up   a   new   job   in   Leeds.      We   were very   sorry   to   see   him   go.      He   gave   so   much   to   the   band   over   the   years,   in   terms   of   time, energy   and   commitment;   and   we   all   wished   him,   his   wife,   Gillian,   and   son,   Oliver   all   the best   in   their   new   life   ‘up   north’.   Following   his   final   concert,   he   was   presented   with   a caricture   drawn   by   David   Clare   (right)   and   a   rendition   of   Ilkley   Moor   Bah   Tat   by   the   brass section. The   band   is   continuing   to   play,   and   Simon   joined   us   as   guest   conductor   at   our   2012 summer barbecue.
Simon Gayton Simon Gayton
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Benedict Preece - Conductor, Concert Band 2015 -
After a short break, Benedict returned in April 2015 as conductor for the Concert Band. .
Ben Lunn - Conductor, Concert Band 2014 - 2015
Sandwich   Concert   Band   in   Setember   2014   were   pleased   to   announce   the   engagement   of their new conductor for the Concert Band: Ben   Lunn   is   a   composer   and   conductor   based   in   Ramsgate.   He   studied   composition   at   the Royal   Welsh   College   of   Music   and   Drama,   and   was   taught   composition   by   Peter   Reynolds and   taught   conducting   by   Dr.   John   Traill.   Ben   graduated   in   July   2014   with   1st   Class Honours and the Composition Prize. Ben has conducted a variety of groups from orchestra and choir to chamber ensembles. Other   interests   outside   of   music   include,   reading   literature   and   poetry   and   a   keen   interest   in art. Our first rehearsal with Ben was on 10th September after the summer break. In   March   2015   ,   Ben   conducted   his   last   concert   with   us   as   he   resigned   to   pursue   other   musical   ventures.   We   wish   him well for the future and thank him for his dedication and time over the past months.
Ben Lunn Ben Lunn
Previous Conductors 2011 - 2015
Benedict Preece - Conductor, Concert Band 2012 - 2014
Benedict   Preece   is   principally   a   conductor,   passionate   about   working   with   both   singers and   instrumentalists.   He   is   currently   Music   Director   of   Caritas   Chamber   Choir,   East Bridge   Chorale   and   Sandwich   Concert   Band   and   has   recently   been   appointed   Genesis Sixteen Conducting Scholar 2017/18. He   began   his   career   as   a   Chorister   of   Canterbury   Cathedral   and   continues   to   sing   in   the choir   as   a   Deputy   Tenor   Lay   Clerk. At   Trinity   College   of   Music,   London,   he   specialised   in horn    and    natural    horn    under    tutelage    of    Roger    Montgomery    and    subsequently    with Anthony   Halstead. As   an   organist,   Benedict   studied   with   Dr.   David   Flood   and   both   organ and    composition    with    Neil    Wright.   A    keen    composer,    many    of    his    choral    works    are performed   by   Caritas   and   choirs   from   Sweden,   the   Netherlands   and   the   USA   with   whom he    has    developed    strong    links.    Benedict    has    developed    his    orchestral    conducting technique with Stephen Portman (a former student of Monteux and Szell) and on Peter Stark’s renowned courses.  He   maintains   a   busy   schedule   with   all   his   ensembles.   Caritas   Chamber   Choir   is   regularly   engaged   to   deputise   for Canterbury   Cathedral   Choir   in   holiday   times,   singing   25   services   as   well   as   13   concerts,   raising   funds   for   a   variety of   charities.   Recent   performances   have   taken   place   in   Lille   Cathedral,   the   Netherlands,   and   in   October   he   has been   invited   to   conduct   in   Madrid,   followed   by   a   tour   to   Sweden   (with   Hagamotettkör)   in   the   Spring.   However, before   this,   he   will   direct   the   first   Caritas   International   Young   Composer   Competition   final   at   the   Colyer   Ferguson Hall.   There   are   significant   prizes   to   support   young   talent,   which   attracted   entries   from   three   continents.   The renowned   US   composer,   David   Conte,   will   adjudicate   the   final   in   July.   In   the   next   year,   Benedict   will   also   direct exciting collaborations with Canterbury’s Festival Chamber Orchestra and Kent Sinfonia.
Benedict Preece - Conductor, Concert Band Benedict Preece - Conductor, Concert Band