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Training Band
Less   experienced   players   perform   with   the   Training   band   which   encourages   and   develops   those playing    at    approximately    Grades    1    or    2    upwards.        The    Band    works    on    more    straight    forward arrangements   of   popular   classical,   film   and   pop   tunes   and      performs   both   on   their   own   and   with   the Concert Band twice a year.  Although   we   don’t   tutor   players   on   their   specific   instruments,   several   of   the   experienced   musicians from   the   Concert   Band   assist   in   rehearsals   and   performances   and   are   on   hand   to   offer   help   and suggestions.  We can also help you find a teacher if you don’t already have one. The   environment   is   supportive   with   an   emphasis   on   learning   to   play   in   an   ensemble   and   developing musicianship   skills.      Most   players   will   progress   to   a   stage   where   they   can   join   the   Concert   Band   and continue to enjoy making music at a higher level. Please   see   the   Events    page   for   details   of   forthcoming   concerts   featuring   the   Training   Band,   or,   if   you are a player, please visit the Recruitment  page for information about performing with us. We look forward to seeing you!